Not only is Spring a time for cleaning up and clearing out; it is also naturally a season for expansion and growth. After all, isn't that how it happens among the trees and plants in our forests and gardens? As the ice melts and the moisture seeps back into the air, the trees begin to breathe again, their trunks growing a little thicker. Our barren and unvisited garden beds commence to crawl slowly upward with green. And as the warmer days allow us to open our windows and doors; to sweep out the dust and clutter we've accumulated as we've huddled inside during colder months, we can also stretch out and create more space for ourselves.

The Juniper Spoon kitchen is also experiencing a growth spurt this Spring! The need for a larger cooking and storage space has been heavy upon us for some time. Last year we built a shed outside to catch some of the overflow. But it, too, has quickly reached capacity. So last week construction to the kitchen addition began, and we are so excited to soon  spread out and feel a little less cramped.  Our construction crew is diligent and hard-working. Each day the addition looks more like a building; like the vision that until now we've only held in our mind's eye.

At the same time, we're leaning in to the growing season in the garden. Last week we repotted our tomato plants, giving them some extra room to stretch out those stiff roots. We've increased our onion crop this year and are watching those little alliums reach skyward. We'll let them get a little stronger before transplanting them into their garden home. Our asparagus bed needed some filling in, so we dug up a few crowns and divided them. The anticipation of that early asparagus crop is almost unbearable! We sloughed off the winter die-off in our orchard--pruning must be one of the most enjoyable and satisfying of the spring-time garden chores.

Looking into the days and weeks ahead, we anticipate menus geared toward Spring vegetables: asparagus, rhubarb, mint, spring greens. We'll share some fresh recipes so check back soon! Let us know how YOU are leaning into Spring! In what ways are you growing, stretching, and giving yourself, your family, your business or your life the space to expand?