try this. Sweet Asian Pickle.

Sweet Asian Pickle

Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall.

Pickling can be done any time of the year. It also allows you to bring in summer flavors, to your winter table and it is a much easier process than you may think. This recipe uses simple veggies to get you started. The unique flavors pair well with many meats and salads, or eating this right out of the ball jar while you stand in front of the kitchen sink. 

.  .  .  .  .

1 cup rice vinegar

½  cup sugar

2 tsp salt

1 English cucumber, diced

1 small carrot, peeled and minced

½ red onion, slivered

1 fresh hot pepper, minced, or 1 tsp of crushed peppers

½ bunch cilantro, chopped

½ cup chopped dry roasted peanuts

Mix the vinegar, sugar and salt to dissolve.  Add the remaining ingredients, except the peanuts.  Let sit a few minutes.  Top with chopped peanuts.