summer fare. Hummingbird Cake.

It's wedding and picnic season. Summer is upon us and in the middle of "I do's" and dips in the creek, the kitchen is in full swing! One of our offerings for wedding and showers is the Hummingbird Cake. Not only does it lend itself to "simple beauty" but the rich flavors always seem to be a sweet surprise to anyone who is trying this cake, for the first time. Many times the question is asked, "what is in this!" We just smile and give them two of the main flavors, pineapple and banana. So often you will only see a few crumbs left behind as guests head out to the dance floor.

The hummingbird cake has made it's way up from our southern friends. A cake for any occasion. But can't you just imagine walking up to a Savannah veranda and seeing this pretty girl next to a pitcher of sweet mint tea. Well of course you can.  It goes perfectly with The Juniper Spoon way of "how we do", keeping the flavors fresh and the presentation filled with the elements of our farm. We take a basket out to our yard, snipping the colors that nature shares with us. This cake  is lined with fresh sprigs of mint, warm yellows and soft orange begonia buds.  Rumor has it the Hummingbird cake won the "favorite cake" award at the 1978 Kentucky State Fair. Once you try it, you will know why.