community. Hole's Sweet Corn.

We always know when summer is turning it's corner. The calendar sometimes gets a mark to remind us that the first day of school is near. Short weekend trips are squeezed in. The crickets lull us into the evening and a truck bed full of Hole's Corn is delivered. Each summer we gather in the kitchen and along the yard, together shucking those green husks and discovering the sweetest, most tender corn. Corn day in the kitchen is a tradition. Many hands working together, getting it prepped and ready to share with others. 

It really is a tradition in Montgomery County to take a drive along the back roads to grab a sack or box of those lush ears. You can even find Alma Hole at our farmers market on Pike Street. Sharing story. Selling those tender ears of corn. Go visit Alma and Bill Hole and grab some of their amazing sweet corn!