Indiana Small Farms Conference.

Year Four! Indiana Small Farms Conference.  The Juniper Spoon catered the event, representing our local farmers by using their produce and products in our cooking. This event embodies so much that we love about where we live and what we do

The crew feasted on ham and swiss wraps, filled with sauerkraut. Deep bowls of yummy salads topped with homemade croutons from our own kitchen and fresh veggies. Our chicken vegetable soup warmed the line and of course endless cookies and treats. It is what we love to do; share locally grown food, support local community and gather with others who work on our land, because they love it as we do.

A big thank you to all of our Indiana farmers for growing and producing beautiful food for us to eat all year round. If you are interested in sustainable agriculture the Small Farm's Conference is a great place to start! Follow @SmallFarmPurdue on twitter, and sign up for the conference at:

Environmental Stewardship: Invasive Garlic Mustard

Annie Mae doing her part to protect the planet.

Annie Mae doing her part to protect the planet.


Annie Mae and Lucy Bea are protecting our forest by pulling invasive garlic mustard plants! Garlic mustard threatens the biodiversity of our forests by monopolizing nutrients of sun, soil and water, diminishing the supply needed to sustain a healthy and thriving forest.

Why is this important??

Our native plant and animal species are adapted to an environment rich in diverse resources. Invasive, non-native species like garlic mustard have the potential to destroy these habitats.

Here you can read more about how to identify garlic mustard and why its presence has become one of the number one threats to our forests.