grow this. Asparagus.

Around here we are seeing little sprouts popping up! Bits of green, edible treats that we can snip from the yard and bring into the kitchen. As we walk around our yard, we look what we can eat. Our asparagus is popping up and ready to throw into some dishes. It is how we take time to slow down and notice around here.  Harvesting from our land. We have a little patch of free growing asparagus.

Asparagus is a perennial and will come up each year after it is planted. You will want a nice sunny spot and well-drained soil. It will take a couple of years for your asparagus to be ready to harvest. But once you get passed those first couple of seasons, then it will be ready to harvest and enjoyed in your favorite dishes.

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy asparagus, try chopping the stalks into 1/2in pieces and toss them into a skillet with a little onion and your favorite mushrooms, then serve over farm fresh scrambled eggs! A simple, healthy meal for any time of the day!