simple. How we do.

So you might be wondering how things work over here. We are like a busy little village full of helpers. The food and table are always the end result. One of our favorite things to do is finding ways to bring the outdoors, in. Using natural elements to create inviting settings does just that! Over the winter it is nice to use warm and inviting colors; eucalyptus, dried pods and wheat. Soon our spring and summer blossoms will be ready for those tables. We like to walk the farm, finding grasses, ferns and herbs from the garden, that we can tuck into our mercury glass and ball jars. 

Take a little time to walk around your yard or neighborhood. Notice what is popping up. That mint that is sprouting can be snipped and put in a small glass on the kitchen window sill. Simple little moves to bring the season in! It's what we like to do. You might too.