Jammin'. How we do.

Organic berries from Trinity Acres in Darlington.   

We do this thing over here. We have go to's. Local farms that we collect our amazing, fresh produce to fill our recipes. See how this works, fresh local foods, filling recipes, filling bowls, bellies and spirits. To have this option of driving down the road and round the bend, pulling into a drive lined with berries or other locally grown fruits and veggies, it is a gift. 

Berries are now in season. Our own Strawberry Festival is happening this weekend at the Historic Lane Place. Community coming together all because of that little red berry. It really is pretty amazing when you think about how all of this works. We have been jammin over here. Fresh strawberry jam filling up our kitchen. Jam count is at 102 jars!

This week take a drive out to Trinity Farms in Darlington, In. Pick what you can use, slice them up and serve over a bowl of ice cream and sit out on the porch. We recommend.

how to love. a Fowler House wedding.

come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned.
peter pan

. . . . .

Summer is arriving and we are now entering a season of weddings. Saturday eve was spent at the Fowler House in Lafayette, Indiana. High ceilings, cathedral style arches and vintage fixtures and a bride whose vision truly accented such a gorgeous space. Each table was set with the bride's vintage china collection. Peonies lined the mantels, soft evening light filtered through the windows as the guest enjoyed the gorgeous May weather. 

Our Hummingbird wedding cake sat front and center sprinkled with fresh herbs and blossoms from our own farm. Plates were filled and stories told. Just another day of sharing what we love, with those moving forward in there own. 

Cheers to the newlyweds. 

Community. When We Gather.

Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.
-Helen Keller

We hosted our 2nd Supper Club this past Friday! It was once again filled with familiar faces, ready to eat and share share stories. The Supper Club concept is simple. If you share simple foods, the community can come together and will grow. That is has. Our first event we shared with around 45 guests, and this past Friday we saw over 65! We can not express how happy this makes us! The weather was perfect too. How many winters do you remember a 65 degree day, in February. It was so nice outside, our kitchen filtered out to the courtyard. We always love the opportunity to work outside. 

Friday night reminds us that even during a heavy week, gathering among friends, sharing food and spirits is a sweet way to move forward.

In the spirit of our Supper Club, we want to remember an organization that nurtures and tends to our community. The profits from this "Supper Club" will be shared with the Dr. Mary Ludwig Free Clinic.

We will soon be announcing the next date for our Supper Club. An easy way to be in the know is by joining our page on Facebook! Did you know we are on Instagram! We would like to see you there too. 

"Supper Club"

Pop-up Supper Club
6-8pm, linger till 10pm
The Tannenbaum Center
107 Spring St W., Crawfordsville

(behind the Old Jail Museum)

Let's all gather for an evening of community and hearty foods to start off this new year! As our earth begins to prepare for the spring blossom we tend to stay inside, but at The Juniper Spoon we like to gather our community to catch up with friends. We will be featuring the last of our 2015 harvest, delighting in local meat, eggs and veggies! 

Price: $30/person or $100/4 people.
(click on the graphic above to get all the details on our FB event page.)

We look forward to gathering with you Friday night!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/9810041186...

A New Blog and The Indiana Small Farms Conference

Welcome to our brand new blog! Not only have we recently amped up our website to reflect what we're all about (namely local food catering, sustainable farming practices, delicious culinary delights, and everything Montgomery County and Central Indiana) but we've added a blog so that our friends and followers can keep track of what's going on and where we're headed next! We'll keep you updated on noteworthy catering events, exciting local things to do, cooking advice and what's going on at our farm. We'll jump right in and fill you in on how our winter is going.

While the winter has been long and cold, the kitchen was abuzz last week with preparation for one of the most exciting events of the year. The Indiana Small Farms Conference takes place annually at the Hendricks County fairgrounds in Danville.  At the event attendees enjoy interactive talks held by specialists on topics that range from livestock management to small farm solar energy, and beekeeping and so many more interesting subjects.

For the 3rd year in a row, The Juniper Spoon catered the event, representing our local farmers by using their produce and products in our cooking. This event embodies so much that we love about where we live and what we do: sustainable agriculture, local community, enthusiasm for locally grown food, and plain old down to earth people doing what they love and believe in. 

A few highlights from the weekend menus were the flatbread pizzas made with locally grown and milled wheat flour, and a make-your-own taco bar with a colorful spread of ingredients. We believe with all our hearts that farmers who grow good food should eat good food too! 

A big thank you to all of our Indiana farmers for growing and producing beautiful food for us to eat all year round. We enjoyed cooking with your products and interacting with you last weekend! Keep an eye open for next year's Small Farm's Conference! Follow @SmallFarmPurdue on twitter, and sign up for the conference at: https://ag.purdue.edu/extension/smallfarms/Pages/default.aspx

Here is a list of the farms that provided us with produce this year:

Farming Engineers: eggs  for cakes and cookies

Fields of Agape, PS Produce, Langeland Farms and Carsage Mill LLC: flour and cornmeal for cakes, cookies and pizza

Silverthorn Farm: Carrots, spinach, potatoes, microgreens

Moody Meats: Chicken, beef

Becker Farms: Pork, bacon, ham 

RJ Honey: local honey

Tuttle Orchards: Apples

Howard Orchard: Apples

Harvestland Farm:  herbs, root vegetables

Amelia's bakery: Bread

Husk: Green beans

Trader's Point Creamery: Yogurt

Fair Oaks Farm Dairy: Cheese

Perkin's Good Earth Farm: Spinach

Christopher Farm: Garlic

Hole Family Farm: Corn, butternut squash

And, of course, plenty from our own garden that we froze at peak ripeness: grilled eggplant, grilled poblano peppers, tomatillos, zucchini, basil pesto and tons of salsa!

Now that winter is coming to a close and temperatures are rising, the growing season has already begun! Here at The Juniper Spoon, the alliums are seeded and sprouting in the greenhouse, and our overwintered garlic is poking through the heavy layer of mulch we applied last season. Check back regularly to see what we're growing, cooking and planning. Leave your comments and questions as we love to interact with our friends and guests!