from the window. Yard life.


 “Swamps where cedars grow and turtles wait on logs but not for anything in particular; fields bordered by crooked fences broken by years of standing still; orchards so old they have forgotten where the farmhouse is. In the north I have eaten my lunch in pastures rank with ferns and junipers, all under fair skies with a wind blowing.” ― E.B White, Stuart Little

Here we peer out of the big kitchen window and see summers progression. The deep greens have taken over. The recent rains have soften the lush yard and the chicks dig in for daily snacks. Our garden continues to grow, and we use the ripe produce in many of our dishes. 

The fireflies are here! Lighting up the evening sky, Just in time for this weekend's festivities. Around here, you can't help but notice these shifts in the seasons. Looking out that window is just part of our daily jam. 

simple. How we do.

So you might be wondering how things work over here. We are like a busy little village full of helpers. The food and table are always the end result. One of our favorite things to do is finding ways to bring the outdoors, in. Using natural elements to create inviting settings does just that! Over the winter it is nice to use warm and inviting colors; eucalyptus, dried pods and wheat. Soon our spring and summer blossoms will be ready for those tables. We like to walk the farm, finding grasses, ferns and herbs from the garden, that we can tuck into our mercury glass and ball jars. 

Take a little time to walk around your yard or neighborhood. Notice what is popping up. That mint that is sprouting can be snipped and put in a small glass on the kitchen window sill. Simple little moves to bring the season in! It's what we like to do. You might too.