Operation Swarm Capture

Lucy Bea spotted a “tornado of insects" outside the living room window this Wednesday evening.

We went out to investigate and found this, a swarm of feral bees looking for a new home. 

When Doug got home from work, he and Lucy Bea got suited up for Operation Swarm Capture.

To pacify the bees they first sprayed sugar water on to the swarm.

After this Doug set a hive box under the swarm. Then he shook the branch causing the bees to fall into the box.

Once the bees were in the box, we allowed them to get acquainted to their new home before we had set the box back on its platform.  A few bees were left swarming around, but the smell of the queen bee’s pheromones led them to their newfound home. 

Here is the permanent home of our new buzzing bees.