I have been a wedding planner for 22 years and have done thousands of weddings. I am impressed with the Juniper spoon, not only with their delicious food and their fabulous staff, but with their willingness to do what needed to be done in a very stressful situation. My staff recently did a wedding with the Juniper Spoon when I could not be there. The wedding & reception turned out beautifully, but behind the scenes, it was very chaotic and last minute. Changes & decisions were being made that made the experience difficult at best for every vendor there. My staff said that the wonderful people at the Juniper Spoon did things that were clearly not in their contract, that they were not paid for and they did not have enough staff planned for. But they did it and with a smile on their faces. As wedding planners, it is crucial to be able to work with a caterer that can punt and help us to do what needs to be done, even when it wasn’t the original plan. Well done Juniper spoon! Blissfully Simple Events would be honored to work with you again and hope to do it soon!

Delicious food · Experienced chefs · Professional staff · Creative cuisine · Good for parties

-Crista Marie Tharp

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