The Juniper Spoon catered my wedding at the Sommers Mansion on Aug. 24th in Indianapolis, and it was absolutely lovely. I initially chose the Juniper Spoon, because it was one of the only catering businesses focused on local and organic. And they went above and beyond even that very specific expectation! The staff were very professional, courteous, and punctual. As the bride, I think I was able to catch a glimpse once of Lali, who runs the show. She ran magic behind the scenes in the small kitchen of our venue beautifully. It felt as though we were at a high-end restaurant. The waitstaff served on time and removed dishes on time with decorum. Also, our guests (almost) could not get enough of the delicious food. (At the end of the night, Lali packed up leftovers which were gladly taken by family and friends.) A large colorful mixed salad with beets was actually one of the biggest hits. Lali’s selection and pairing of vegetables is spot on. I must say I’ve always hated beets and initially didn’t want them on the menu. But after trying them in the salad, I am a beet-eating convert! Furthermore, Lali was even accommodating to special requests and trying out new recipes while incorporating local ingredients. My husband and I had just spent 2 years in Austria, and we really wanted to expose our friends and families to the types of meals we ate abroad. Lali searched and used our recipes and did a few ingredient substitutions to control costs, local-ness, and cultural authenticity. She balances such needs well while making sure all important bases are covered (enough waitstaff, enough meal options, etc.) The Juniper Spoon is quality in every sense, and I recommend them 100%

-Katie J

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